Hjertelig takk for vakker engel fra deg Ragnhild

You have a Guardian Angel

Who watches over you -

Everywhere you go

And everything you do.

This gentle, silent helper

Is there to be your guide

To shelter and protect you

And for you to walk beside

Your Angel will always help you

Whenever things go wrong

They'll be the wings beneath you feet

As Life's path you walk along.

Feel this calming presence -

Be enfolded by its love

And let your life be guided

By power from above.

Mine englebilder

Today I stumbled and once again

was lifted up by an unseen hand.

What comfort and joy that knowledge brings

for I hear the whisper of angel wings

The guardian angels God sends to all

to bear us up when we stumble and fall

Trust Him, my friend, and often you'll hear

the whisper of angel wings hovering near.

Be an Angel

Reach for the stars

Keep your halo polished

Share your favorite things with others

Plant a garden for the butterflies

Say something nice to someone everyday

Be patient with those who don’t fly as fast as you

Talk to the plants to help them grow

Always tell the truth


Thing good thoughts

Sprinkle a little star dust everywhere

You go.



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Design ©Gerd Eva